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About Us

WBS Logistic is a key business within the WBS group of companies. Our Global Headquarters in the UK were established in 2003. The first WBS Russian office was created in St Petersburg in 2008, a second Russian office was added in Moscow in 2013.

At WBS Logistic our philosophy is to provide you with a complete supply chain, distribution and logistical solution, based upon services of unrivalled quality, reliability and speed. We believe that every challenge is unique, demanding a creative and innovative approach. The WBS promise is to deliver a modern and efficient solution for all the needs of your business.

Our full range of services have been developed to serve the demands of businesses that trade internationally. We look to build a strong relationship with all our customers, suppliers, and partners, by understanding the needs and delivering the answers.

We specialise in helping businesses reach emerging countries, with a particular focus on the E-Commerce sector. We guide our clients through the complexities and challenges in the early stages – it is our goal to assist them in unlocking the potential of new markets.

With registered companies in the UK and Russia, we are capable of servicing all your requirements –  Simplifying the complexity of Russia.

Established multimodal shipping and logistic services with the flexibility to consolidate and store customer stock, backed up by cutting edge technology. Expert documentation and customs clearance advice, as well as contract services and covering payment and banking procedures, are all part of our consultation service.