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Our Team

We have brought together a team of unique people – strong responsible professionals, who are bright and can think on their feet. It is our goal as a team to understand your challenge, know how to solve it and work together to get it done as soon as possible. We have one goal, but many hands and ways to get it there.

We are proud of the versatility of our team. This ensures we have all the angles covered when looking to solve a demand. Having such a wide perspective provides us with a variety of options, allowing us to make not only the most efficient decision but the correct one!

We truly believe that the team is the most important part of our company. That is why we pay so much attention to the personal development of each member.  Our staff have the opportunity for a career – not just a job. At WBS we look to provide a career that allows for personal growth, personal achievement and joint success.

We operate a respect policy within our organisation, which promotes and outlines our joint belief for fairness, openness and trust. We are proud to be an organisation of inclusion, one of multi-national members, faiths and thoughts.

It is understood that it is our responsibility to help our clients, understand the challenge, answer the questions and offer the best solutions!

Jade Coventry
Key Accounts Manager
+44 (0) 1268 209 113
Skype: jade.coventry-wbs
David Burnham
+44 (0) 1268 574 113
Skype: davidbwbs
Kristina Zukhba
CEO Deputy
+7812 448 25 50
Skype: la_forza_dell_cristina
Natalia Prokofieva
+7812 448 25 50
Yulia Sharova
Chief Accountant
+7812 448 25 50
Valery Nikolaev
+7812 448 25 50