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Air cargo is a convenient, reliable, fast, secure and effective delivery method. International carriage by air transport can significantly reduce transit time and reduce the need for large stockholding volumes.
Usually urgent or time sensitive products use this method of transport.
We offer bespoke air freight services globally, with scheduled and consolidation possibilities on daily flights between New York, Chicago, Atlanta and the UK, as well as weekly services from Moscow and St. Petersburg to London Heathrow.


Specialising in the more complex destinations and/or express services:

Daily Departures to: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland
Weekly Departures to: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Portugal, Norway, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine.
Twice Weekly departures to: Czech Republic, France, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia


The majority of worldwide movements are made on Oceans, making this the mode of transport the most depended upon, Ocean freight fulfils a key role within the global economy.
To ensure that you have access to all major routes and global markets we have established an international network of partners and agents, so that you can keep promises made to your customers to deliver within agreed times, saving costs on budget and without any hassle.
We offer full container load (FCL) and less than a container load (LCL) services to/from consolidate points in UK, Russia, USA and Far East countries.


Rail transportation is ideal for ensuring the quick and easy movement of oversized and heavy cargo. The railway network today covers huge areas, linking many towns and remote villages in the territory of Russia, Europe, and Asia.
Russia’s rail network gives access to the more remote regions and cities with the added benefit of being an environmentally green transport method.
Our strategically located offices and agents worldwide enable us to manage your shipments effectively. WBS Logistic St Petersburg utilises one of the most important rail terminals in Russia benefitting from strong links throughout Russia and beyond.


River transport is a method of transporting goods by vessels on inland waterways, it was traditionally used within Europe for moving large volumes of natural goods (Crops, Grain, Sugar, Coal, Timber etc).
Within Russia river transportation is still widely used, providing a large advantage both in terms of cost and penetration of remote areas where road conditions are not useable for movements by truck and heavy project cargo.
The loading of cargo on river vessels can take place either at piers in river ports or within a close proximity of sea ports.


It is not always possible to use only one mode of transport, especially for international movements.
If this is the case, at WBS Logistic will consider using all modes of transport both individually and also in any combination. After deciding how and what route is suitable for your movement, we will make all necessary arrangements ensuring that the correct documentation is provided to avoid unnecessary delays on borders, customs posts or docks.
Knowledge and experience are required to be able to ensure the correct option is chosen – you can feel easy in knowing at WBS Logistic we have both.