Guiding you

through doing business

with the largest

country in the world


Your Company is interested in expanding into new markets and interested in Russia, it is not a market that you are experienced with, so are looking for advice.

From your initial enquiry, we will look to explore your ideas and plans, we offer free initial consultation looking to lead into a full Consultancy service.

We believe that your best chance of success is to have full knowledge and a partner who is there to advise and support you through your brand new business venture, or expansion of your existing trading with Russia.

We will work with you in a professional but personal way and friendly way. We will help you to explore and achieve the potential of your plans. We aim to share our knowledge which has been gained by through tried and tested experience.

Why not Contact Us and look to set up an initial free consultation, after completing this we would look to our individual options to ensure that you can realize your business aspirations…

We can offer you following type of services:

  • freight and logistic planning
  • fulfillment and distribution models (flexible for your needs)
  • supply chain solution
  • working schemes
  • customs legislation and customs rates
  • customs clearance
  • certification
  • marketing research
  • We are waiting to help you.

We offer solutions for all level of businesses, from start-ups to multi-national large companies. An individual approach is guaranteed.

We are waiting to help and guide you.