Customs Broker Facilities

You have a potential customer in Russia, how do we approach customs clearance, what information do we need to provide – can we ensure that customers can buy your products with confidence?

You are assured that we offer a professional service with full integrity; we are in a position to advise on product classification, minimum customs values, taxes and duties. We can offer third party Customs Broker facilities and services.

Russian Customs Legislation has many regulative and regulating documents. During customs clearance unforeseen circumstances and costs can appear in connection with mistakes arising from ignorance or non provision of such documents. Let WBS Logistic help you as your reliable representative within the customs authorities.
We have the long-term contracts with the biggest Customs posts in Russia, UK, Europe, Asia and America. WBS Logistic has successfully worked in the field of foreign economic and logistical activity for many years, giving us the experience and skill that allows us to solve all your issues and fulfil your demands.

We offer following service:

  • consultancy;
  • preparation and discussion of project of international contract;
  • calculating of the international deal;
  • previous selection of the Customs codes and calculating of Customs costs;
  • customs clearance (from the own name or from the name of the customer);
  • registration of participant in the Customs (if needed);
  • preparation of the documents for customs clearance;
  • representation of interests;
  • assistance in the design of different permits documents;
  • selection of most optimal customs regulation in difficult conditions;
  • electronic declaration;
  • permission of customs disputes;
  • help and assistance in customs clearing of precious metals, gems and jewellery.